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Some graphics on Git

While preparing a beginner course on Git for my job at noris network, I was looking for graphics to point out some tough topics: The relationships between working copy, index and repository and between local and remote branches. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything satisfying – this here seemed to be the closest it would get to me imaginations.

So I fired up Inkscape and created some images myself. They of course simplify things and I’m not a great graphic designer, but they helped me at making my point. And, as I hope, they might also be useful for you when explaining concepts or understanding yourself.

Therefore today, I am releasing the graphics under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany license. You should attribute to „Felix Dreissig, noris network AG“ as author if you use them. The images are partially based on Tango icons, which are in Public Domain.

Basic branching

(There are a lot of similars to that one out there, I admit.)

Git Branching

Download SVG

Repository/Index/working copy

This attempts to demonstrate the differences between the three areas. Changed or new files are marked in red.

Git Repo/Index/Working-copy

Download SVG


That one features a remote server and a development machine. The latter keeps an exact copy of the server’s branches, plus some local branches.

Git Remote/Local

Download SVG

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